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New exclusive agent in Iran
DATE: 2013/11/27



Party A:

Company name:Xuyi Xinyuan Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Qiuji Town Xuyi county Jiangsu Province China 211700

Tel: 0086-51788270886

Representative: Ronnie Qian (Deputy MD & EM)

Party B:

Company name: Shimi Gostarane Saba Pvt

Address:Unit 10 , No 9 Tahmtan St. North Sohrevardi Ave. Tehran

Tel:+98 21 88529673-7                 Fax:+9821 88747847

Representative: Ardeshir Shahnavaz (Managing Director)



The said two companies started their bleaching earth business cooperation as from 2011,during the past two years,because of the close cooperation between these two enterprises,presently,fullers earth business is very prosperous in Iran,in order to develop

Business forward further,these two companies agree to start their cooperation as from

Nov 26th 2013 in the following ways.

1) Party A will authorize Party B to be their exclusive agent in Iran,and any business inquiry about bleaching earth from Iran,A will forward it to B for their following up,meantime,Party A will inform the new Iran client regarding this point.

2) Party A will be the only bleaching clay supplier in China

3) Party A will serve quality sample and shipment to Party B at a most reasonable price.

4) Party B will represent party A to develop bleaching earth business in Iran with brand: XY

5) Payty B will purchase at least 5000 tons per year as from Nov 26th 2013,because exclusive agent position,which means Party A will lose many other business chances.

6) In order to be responsible to both sides,who agree to start their cooperation in this way.As from Nov 26th,and the trial period is one year,after one year,if Party A or B can not fulfill.Their duty,this agreement will be concealed,and on the contrary,they will sign the long-term.Cooperation agreement


Both sides agree to carry out their relevant duties according to the said clauses strictly,after this meeting,Ronnie and Ardeshir are pleased to pose for a photo in the hotel.As the bleaching earth supplier,we do believe it will be a milestone event for XY,it will inject new impetus to the upcoming business development for XY in Iran.