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Iranian guest visits XY
DATE: 2012/12/23



L: Peter  (Managing Director and Production manager)          
M: Ardeshir  (Our guest,and also the CEO of their company)
R: Ronnie  (Vice Managing Director & Export Manager)

On 23rd Dec 2012,our Iranian client pays a visit to us,this is the first tme for Ardeshir to be in our company,and before that,our two companies have cooperated with each other for over one year,and also made the first sales already,after they evaluated our cargo,they are ver satisfied with the good quality of our product,and coming up,they want to expand the business cooperation,and in this case,which leads to this special visiting to us.

In our office,Peter and Ronnie represent our company to hold formal talk with Ardeshir regarding the market operation of bleaching earth in Iran,they reached the following consensus:
1): Both sides are very satisfied with the past cooperation,and promise to deepen their bilateral cooperation in new year
2): Xin Yuan will set up office in Iran under the name of Xin Yuan and their company's name,it will be a joint-venture office in order to promote bleaching earth in Iran further,and it will be headed by Ardeshir
3): Ardeshir will advertise our company in Iran,including our company's logo: XY,our product and other things as well,it will help expand the fame of our company in Iran
4): Ardeshir is the CEO of one famous transnational corporation,and they also have branch company in Malaysia,so coming up,our two companies will work closely with each other to promote our bleaching earth in Malaysia.
This visiting will be an important event to both sides,especially XY,it will inject a huge momentumm to the further development of Xin Yuan in Iran and Malaysia