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How To Measure Bleaching Earth Filtration Time
DATE: 2013/12/10


How To Measure Activated Bleaching Earth Filtration Time

Activeated bleaching earth filtration time is the length of time calculated when oil strained through the fullers earth with thicness 5 mm.Function of filtration time is for testing whether fuller's earth is too smooth or the activated bleaching earth is too light,because if the fullers earth is too smooth or too light,the fullers's earth will cause the process of oil refinery too long,not effective or jammed.

how to measure filtration time of activated bleaching earth:
1.Fill laboratory measuring glass with crude palm oil as much as 50ml.
2.Fill fullers earth that will be measured in to the glass as much as 5 grams.
Stir fuller's earth and crude palm oil continuously while heated at atemperature of 100 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes.
3.Four the mixture into the filter funnel coated with filter paper 3 cm diameter rounded.
4.After the activated bleaching earth has thickness 5 mm at the filter paper,count the oil drops time with a stopwatch until its volume 10 ml.
5.Good quality fullers earth has filtration time between 1-2 minutes,while bad quality fullers' earth has filtration time>2 minutes or more