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How To Compare Bleaching Power Of Fuller's Earth
DATE: 2013/12/10


How To Compare Activated Bleaching Earth Power

Bleaching Power is the ability of the activated bleaching earth to absorb color especially red yellow color.Bleaching power is the most important function the activated bleaching earth.

Good quality fuller's earth has great bleaching power,strong enough to absorb the color in oil refinery process with only a few zmount of it.

Bleaching power of activated bleaching earth is depend on its surface area(M2/gram).Epuipment to measure suiface area is B.E.t Analyzer.(mStephen Brunauner,Paul Hugh Emmett,and Edward Teller was the founder pf this tool)

At Crude palm Oil Refinery red color is absorbed most,while at Coconut Oil REFINERY yellow color is.

Equipment that is used to measure red or yellow color is tintometer/ colorimeter.
The best brand of colerrimeter and used generally is Lovibond.

How to compare the bleaching power of activated bleaching earth:

1.With Lovibond,measure red color of Crude Palm Oil that will be measured,for example red color=80
2.Fill a laboratory measuring glass with the Crude Palm Oil that will be measured as much as 50 ml.
3.Heat until the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius,and enter fullers earth as much as 2%×50ml=1 gram into the Crude Palm Oil,then stir it continuously for 15 minutes with a stirrer while still heated.Keep temperature between 110-120 degrees Celsius.
4.Filter the mixture with a filter paper,and measure aggin the oil that have been filtered with Lovibond, its red color now for example=20
5.So bleaching power of the fuller's earth is (80-20) /80×100%-75%
Test other activated bleaching earth powder with the same Crude Palm Oil,and you can compare their bleaching power with this method