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Breakthrough Of Technology
DATE: 2013/02/13


In our company,for bleaching black engine oil or wasted motor oil,which is difficult for us before,even our grade: XY5050LW,which can do that,but higher price for our customers,so compared with other brands,for XY,no any asset,in this case,our technicians are always working hard on that and hope to find a new grade,which can solve this problem well but at most reasonable price for our distinguished guests,including the end user or trading company worldwide,and as of writting,we have done that.and currently,two new grades for us: XY1600WM and XY1700WM
1. Description:
Compared with our present grades,these two ones have more advantages:including its bleachibility,decoloring power,free acidity,PH,activity,oil waste,filtration rate
2. Test Results:
Pls check the pictures,which is the test finished by our technicians in terms of wasted motor oil with XY1600WM at the temperature16 ℃,which is around 60.8 οF

A perfect grade: AAA from Germany,which wins good reputations worldwide,because of its faster filtration rate and higher bleachingperformance,compared with this grade,our grades: XY1600WM and XY1700WM,which are the equivalent grades,and even better,which includes three points:

1):lower oil waste for our grades, in this case,which will be conducive to raise the production capacity of our client,and their profit
margin as well,in the meantime,decrease their production cost.
2):After bleaching the oil with AAA,basically the oil mill will filter the mixture,but for our grades,no need to do that,because
after bleaching,the mixture will be divided into two layers,one is the used bleaching earth,and the other is oil,this point will do good to decrease the production cost for our customers.
3): For bleaching black engine oil or wasted motor oil,for most oil mills,they will heat it first,in this case,XY1700WM is suitable for
them,but for some other small oil mills,they will not heat the oils,and our grade:XY1600WM,which can fare with them.