The use of Activated Bleaching Earth, characteristics, production processes and packaging

The white and pink, odorless and tasteless, non-toxic, good activity, strong adsorption, easy to absorb moisture in the air, such as placing too long or moisture will reduce its adsorption function, the use of appropriate heating (80 to 100 degrees) resurrection, if heated to 300 degrees above began to lose water of crystallization the structure, change, influence the bleaching effect

Activated Bleaching Earth product quality to meet the actual needs of users, can not just look at the sales contract index. For example: the filtration rate, oil rate, specific surface area, light stability, acid value of oil peroxide value, alkali nitrogen and other indicators, not making up the quality standard of the existing. The ore will be tested with laboratory data, and big difference is very big. Can not be used as the basis to build factories, geographical environment and social relationships, to detailed examination. Then, list the various process flow. It selects the best plan, to achieve high-quality, high yield, low consumption, safety objective.

Activated Bleaching Earth

Requirements for Activated Bleaching Earth  products technology:

1, appearance: white or light coloured fine powders.

2, water (2hr.105 ° C): ≤ 12%

The decolorizing capacity: 3, ≥ 154

4, activity: ≥ 180mol/kg

5, size (0.076mm): 95%

6, the free acid (H2SO4): ≤ 0.20%

7, the content of heavy metal (Pb): 10mg/kg

8, the arsenic content: ≤ 3mg/kg

The production process of activated clay:

The CA bentonite as contrast in production of Activated Bleaching Earth  materials, each process will make the optimization, the calculated per ton of product can shop to reduce costs 191 yuan, if the production of activated clay with high viscosity sodium magnesium bentonite, also need a process of elimination of glioma. Strong and high purity montmorillonite to produce activated clay with natural decoloring capacity, lower production cost.

Package and storage:

50kg plastic bags, stored in ventilation, cool and dry place, prevent mechanical impact, anti rain.

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