Physical and chemical characteristics of the activated bleaching clay, application, product features and details

Activated bleaching earth is characterized in that the original soil after dry cleaning or not separation, ensure the attapulgite content of more than 30%, after breaking with dilute acid solution pre heating, activation, at room temperature under mixed boundary without heating, through the method of heat cold acid activation and activation, drying, crushing granulation becomes less than 200 activated bleaching earth product.

Activated Bleaching Clay


Product details:

Activated bleaching earth appearance is grey white powder, insoluble in water, oil and organic solvent. With higher efficiency, fast filtering speed, low residual oil rate.

This product can greatly reduce the oil industry, oil production costs, compared with similar products, the amount can be reduced by about 5%, the residual oil and the filtering speed, reduce the rate of filter cake, can completely replace the activated bleaching clay. New decolorization products is a good performance, low price.

Product use:

Lubricating oil, oil refining chemical industry 1, the residual carbon in the lubricating oil in the value, ash, water soluble acid reduced extremely trace, to improve its durability and enhance its ability to resist corrosion.

2, the edible oil industry, for the removal of all kinds of pigment in the oil, and taste, and ion (K +); adsorption, aflatoxin and other harmful substances separation.

3, activated clay industry, mainly for cattle, sheep to make soap and other products of decolorization.

Product features:

The ion exchanged montmorillonite and acid activated the interlayer (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and so on) position by small diameter ion substitution and stripping, the crystal ends pore increases, larger specific surface area. At the same time, because the substitution of hydrogen ion on eight sides or tetrahedral polyvalent ions, resulting in more negative electricity. The acid treated montmorillonite activation becomes activated clay has strong adsorption ability.

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