Details Decolourising Earth with bleaching earth and soil-related Products

Sepiolite has large surface area and porous structure, and the existence of adsorption and chemical adsorption. Therefore, it has the characteristics of excellent decolorization, then in the paraffin wax, oil, mineral oil and vegetable oil decolorization process, is often used as a bleaching agent, a neutralizing agent, deodorant and dehydrating agent. And because of its surface can be produced on the adsorption and adsorption, thus can improve the stagnant fluid in its surface area ratio, as anti gelling agent and self agent, can control the mixture of humidity or covering liquefied products surface. The special status of sepiolite adsorption and particle, produce porous irregular network layer structure, which has the ability to filter, so, as a filter aid is very applicable. In the process of decolorization of glucose, together with it, and can be used as a clarificant.

Decolourising Earth


1, without filter cloth, filter paper, greatly reduce the cost of filtration.

2, full closed operation, environmental protection, no material loss.

3, vibration or greatly reduce the labor intensity and Decolourising Earth.

4, pneumatic valve discharge, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.

5, in the liquid slag or activated carbon (Bai Tu) filter or filtration, can completely replace the plate and frame filter, filter equipment industry is preferred.

Two sets of equipment can also be used in parallel, one use, alternate or regeneration, can realize continuous closed production, improve product quality, and can improve the production environment.

In the filtering equipment can be added later Bentonite is the filter bag, and plate sealed filter matched filtering precision, ensure the filtrate.

Properties of sepiolite decolorization soil

1, strong adsorption capacity, the decolorization rate high, with a low rate of oil, filtration speed, add less;

2, can effectively remove oil total phospholipid, soap and trace metal ions, can be used as natural antioxidants;

3, to remove the oil in aflatoxin, pesticide residues and other toxins and odor;

Acid number 4, after bleaching not rise, do not back color, clear and transparent, stable quality, long shelf life.

Refining production 5, especially suitable for mineral oil, vegetable oil, animal oil.

Technical parameters:

The decolorization rate (%): ≥ 115 free acid (%): ≤ 0.20

Item: 200 eyes (sieve margin ≤ 5) moisture content (%): ≤ 11


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