Details Decolourising Earth, the principle statement, performance characteristics and main parameters


Bleaching clay is the attapulgite clay as raw material with natural adsorption effect, the application of high-tech means and refined efficient special “decolorization, deodorization, detoxification” decolorizing adsorbent.

This product is white powder, composition of bulk, greasy feeling, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, does not dissolve in water, organic solvent, oil and fat, the surface has many irregular cavities, layered molecular structure, large specific surface area, with the exchange capacity of adsorption and ion, adsorption nonferrous materials, organic matter and some minerals, and has catalytic properties.

Decolourising Earth

Calcium base bentonite bleaching earth to magnesium rich as raw material, the acidification process and refined, is larger than the activation of acid center surface area and more, so the catalytic and adsorptive ability.

The chemical composition of SIO2, AL2O3, Fe2O3 etc..

Package and storage:

50kg plastic bags, stored in ventilation, cool and dry place, prevent mechanical impact, anti rain.

Product features:

1, have a wide range of decolorization, adsorption and purification, had strong adsorption of pigments and impurities.

2, the use of this Decolourising Earth is very simple, no need to change the original production process. The decolorization and purification of salad oil, acid value is low, saves the dehydration process, and the filtration speed, low oil; liquid glucose after purification, color white, transparent carbon free acidity, sugar storage.

3, after the filtration cake (vegetable oil, animal fat) can use, no pollution of the environment.

In 4, aflatoxin B1, concentration of 200PPb, active attapulgite can 100% removal, ensure the safety and health of edible oil.


Decolorization of ≥ 150;

Active degree ≥ 150;

Free acid (H2SO4) ≤%0.2;

Particle size (200 mesh) ≥%90;

Water ≤%12

Performance characteristics:

This product is the use of non metallic mineral resources of rare &#65533 China; D� D composite clay as raw material, through special processing is made. The appearance of grey white powder, insoluble in water, oil and organic solvent. With higher efficiency, fast filtration velocity, residual oil rate is low.

The product can greatly reduce oil production costs, compared with similar products, the amount can be reduced by about 5%, the residual oil and the filtering speed, reduce the rate of filter cake. Can completely replace the activated carbon and activated clay. New decolorization products is a good performance, low price.

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