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Production processes, product performance Fullers Earth and the main performance characteristics

The characteristics of the treated oil decolorizing clay:

1, less loss of oil, pure taste, color reaches gb. Deodorant cleaning out the oil decolorization, the slag ratio is less than using the old methods of wash oil slag rate. The refined diesel color not only reduction, and placed the longer, its color instead of the more clear, more bright, very clear. The taste is pure oil.

2, low cost, wide range of application. Because the slag is less, so the cost is reduced correspondingly. The agent can not only wash with crude oil refining the small refinery, can handle the lubricating oil, vacuum first, second oil, waste oil refining diesel and for the old ways can not wash out the oil, suitable for a wide range of.

3, labor saving, time saving, labor saving, greatly improve the cleaning work rate, without heating, pressurizing, convenient operation. With oil decolorization in addition to taste agent than the old way of improving the efficiency of 2-3 times, greatly saves time, and solves the problem of wash oil cold old methods do not separate, can be long-term production.

4, to solve the problem of waste treatment, using waste residue, the elution is not bonded, non caking, no solidification, waste reuse. If the sales, than the waste old way to wash out more money, solve the problem of environmental protection.

Fullers Earth

In the edible and non edible oils and fats in the industrial production of bleaching earth, so-called used to remove from crude oil and fat colored and colorless pigment. Purification of the process of the adsorption attempt, oil and fat color and stability may substantially increase. Bleaching earth different types may be used to purify. The first group is composed of a high performance bleaching clay called (HPBE) formation. Strong mineral acids in HPBE by boiling temperature about the acid under leaching bentonite production. In order to obtain high performance bleaching earth, concentrated acid typically used to dry the starting clay matter basis of about 60 to 90 weight%. In the filtration of aluminum ions at the same time, other metal ions from the clay structure and the acid dissolved away. After the filter is formed in the activation period of salts, the acid must be separated from the products of clay by filtration, and the residual acid must be removed from the clay through sufficient washing. If the residual acid high level has been left in clay, quality of the bleached oil weakened. High level of residual acid adverse acid from fatty acid triglycerides in the oil free fat. During the acid leaching of clay, clay and residues from waste containing ionic salts. Such waste liquid must be by precipitation or further such as sewage treatment method to neutralize.

Advantages of the new type of Fullers Earth with high bleaching activity, which may be through the use of acid surface treatment has been further strengthened, for example by spraying acid solution to the clay material. Because of its high bleaching bleaching earth activated only a small amount of added to the oil to purify the purification degree required. In addition to the high efficiency of bleaching, bleaching clay is suitable for massive application should also provide high filtration efficiency and high capacity efficiency. High filtration efficiency of bleaching in a reasonable time period after the oil filter is very important. High efficiency of the remaining oil holding loss minimization in bleaching clay used in the oil is very important. In order to get the optimal bleaching earth, these three qualifications must meet all. Activated bleaching efficiency, filtration efficiency and capacity efficiency can be merged into bleaching clay allows evaluation of the total efficiency. Suitable for bleaching earth mass bleaching oil should therefore form a high total efficiency.

Packaging and storage: the inner layer of plastic film used bleaching clay, outer plastic woven bag two layers of packaging or according to user requirements for packaging. Packing weight 25 ± 0.25kg\50 ± 0.5kg or car, in bulk or according to user requirements. Store in a cool, ventilated, dry place.

Our company activated clay is made of high quality bentonite as raw material, and the use of today’s advanced production technology, to ensure that the production of activated clay quality, quality stability. Products not only in the Chinese enjoys high reputation and market share, and the products are exported to overseas, established a stable sales network at home and abroad.

Fullers Earth and the scope of application of the technical parameters Introduction

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Fullers Earth; bleaching earth; rinsing sludge; activated clay; bleaching powder soil; activated clay, activated clay

Fullers Earth

Technical parameters:

1, appearance: white or light coloured fine powders.

2, water (2hr.105 ° C): ≤ 12%

The decolorizing capacity: 3, ≥ 154

4, activity: ≥ 180mol/kg

5, size (0.076mm): 95%

6, the free acid (H2SO4): ≤ 0.20%

7, the content of heavy metal (Pb): 10mg/kg

8, the arsenic content: ≤ 3mg/kg

Physical and chemical properties:

Odorless, tasteless, non-toxic white powder, bulk density for 0.7~1.1g/ml. Is dispersive, greasy feeling. Insoluble in water, organic solvent and all kinds of oils and fats.

Has the strong ion exchange, selective adsorption, hydrophilic, surface activity and catalysis. Heated to 300 degrees above began to lose water of crystallization, structure change, have influence on the bleaching effect. If placed too long or moisture will reduce its adsorption function. Can absorb and remove asphalt oil medium, neutral gum, sulfide, olefins naphthenate minerals, alkaline nitrogen, improve the durability and safety of lubricating oil, corrosion resistance increase oil. Can absorb and remove pigment, plant oil, aflatoxin B1 (AFTB1).

The use and the use scope:

1 edible vegetable oil refining, for the decolorization and purification, remove harmful pigment, oil in aflatoxin, phospholipids, saponin, glial, cotton acid, making high-grade edible oil.

2 industrial animal and vegetable oil decoloring refined.

3 in the petroleum industry for decolorization, kerosene, gasoline, diesel oil, white oil, paraffin oil, Vaseline minerals such as refining and purification.

4 industrial waste oil (oil, lubricating oil and other mineral oil) recycling.

5 Decolorization of  resin, natural alkali purification.

6 Decolorization of polyether purification.

7 in the food industry, used as a clarificant monosodium glutamate, vitamin, Wine and sugar juice, stabilization, beer saccharification processing, the syrup purification.

8Olefin separation, petroleum cracking, olefin polymerization catalyst  Aromatics and alkanes.