Activated bleaching clay product performance, features, overview

activated bleaching clay  appearance is grey white powder, insoluble in water, oil and organic solvent. With higher efficiency, fast filtering speed, low residual oil rate.

This product can greatly reduce the oil industry, oil production costs, compared with similar products, the amount can be reduced by about 5%, the residual oil and the filtering speed, reduce the rate of filter cake, can completely replace the activated carbon. New decolorization products is a good performance, low price.

Activated Bleaching Clay

Activated bleaching earth function:

1, selective adsorption ability, the decolorization rate high, with a low rate of oil, filtration speed, add less;

2, effectively remove grease total phospholipid, soap and trace metal ions, is a natural antioxidant;

3, after bleaching not rise, do not back color, clear and transparent, stable quality,Acid number long shelf life.

4, especially suitable for mineral oil, vegetable oil, animal oil.Refining production

Activated bleaching earth scope:

Animal and vegetable oil refining, for the decolorization and purification, remove harmful pigment, oil phospholipid, saponin, cotton acid, making high-grade edible oil.

In the petroleum industry for refining decolorization and purification as well as petroleum cracking of paraffin wax, oil, grease, kerosene and other minerals.

In the food industry, as Wine and sugar juice clarifying agent, stabilizing, beer saccharification processing, the syrup purification etc..

In the chemical industry, as a catalyst, filler, desiccant, adsorbent, wastewater treatment.

Product features:

The ion exchanged montmorillonite and acid activated the interlayer (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and so on) position by small diameter ion substitution and stripping, the crystal ends pore increases, larger specific surface area. At the same time, because the substitution of hydrogen ion on eight sides or tetrahedral polyvalent ions, resulting in more negative electricity. The acid treated montmorillonite activation becomes activated clay has strong adsorption ability.

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